Ed VST’s

Some time ago I created these little editors for using some of my synthesizers that didn’t have such a great user interface. The idea is that the Ed-editor hooks up to the external midi synthesizer effortlessly and keeps things in total sync. Just as if it was an integrated software synthesizer. Only audio needs to be routed externally of this plugin. Ed handles all patch related tasks, like patch management, total recall, editing sounds, automation.. etc.

And it does all this by various 7-bit midi messages:

– Continuous Controller (CC)
– Non Registered Parameter Number (NRPN)
– System Exclusive (Sysex)

There are currently two released Ed editors:

– MophoEd –

– VenomEd –

For the past year I’ve searched for better working solutions to building my Ed editors but haven’t yet made the decision to change the codebase. It is still based on the Flowstone platform created by DspRobotics. This only means some bugs are out of my reach and that the Ed’s will remain 32bit as long as I rely on this framework. And for now it seems that bridging 32bit plugins to 64bit DAW’s actually have a few upsides and very little downsides. The Cpu-usage is generally higher with bridging but these editors are very light to begin with.

You can follow my ramblings about everything midi related on my Midi-blog.

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